Soil Chemistry

If you wish information on specific programs or wish to learn of openings for new students in individual laboratories, please contact professors directly.

Chemical composition, properties and reactions of natural, modified, and amended soils.

Programs Available in Soil Chemistry:

Kovar, John L. Associate Professor (USDA Collaborator). Nutrient management, with emphasis on soil phosphorus; soil-plant relationships, root growth and development, and rhizosphere chemistry as affected by inorganic and organic amendments.

Laird, David A. Professor . Soil inorganic chemical processes and soil mineralogy in relation to soil and environmental quality.

Mallarino, Antonio P. Professor. Soil fertility and plant nutrition, with emphasis on phosphorus and potassium. Research on soil testing, plant analysis, and methods of fertilizer application for improving profitability of crop production and quality of surface waters.

Thompson, Michael L. Professor. Organomineral complexes and colloid transport in soils. Field and laboratory characterization and behavioral studies of natural colloids.

Wolt, Jeffrey D. Professor. Soil chemistry and fertility with emphasis on applied soil solution chemistry as it relates to nutrient availability and xenobiotic activity. Concurrent sorption/degradation processes affecting the fate and transport of bioactive compounds.