Soil Morphology and Genesis

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Field and laboratory studies are used to investigate the spatial distribution of soil properties and soil processes. The effects of landscape position, vegetation, climate, and chronology are studied in relation to the development and classification of soils.

Programs Available in Soil Morphology and Genesis:

Burras, Lee. Professor. Environmental soil science; soil morphology and genesis.

Laird, David A. Professor. Soil inorganic chemical processes and soil mineralogy in relation to soil and environmental quality.

Manu, Andrew K. Professor. Morphological, chemical, physical and biological processes in urban environments; investigation of soil quality indices using a landscape approach; microwave remote sensing of surface moisture; and integrated approaches to rejuvenation of degraded tropical lands.

Thompson, Michael L. Professor. Organomineral complexes and colloid transport in soils. Field and laboratory characterization and behavioral studies of natural colloids.