Soil Physics

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Deals with the measurement, prediction, and control of the physical processes, such as heat and mass transport taking place in and through the soil.

Programs Available in Soil Physics:

Al-Kaisi, Mahdi M. Professor. Soil and water management as related to crop production, nitrogen and water quality, soil erosion, animal waste management and its impact on soil and water quality, tillage practices impact on soil quality parameters and physical properties.

Cruse, Richard M. Professor. Soil management and soil physical properties as related to crop growth and soil erosion. The effect of management practices such as tillage, fertilization, crop sequences, and field traffic patterns on soil hydraulic, thermal, and strength properties is evaluated.

Horton, Robert. Professor. Transport of energy and matter in soil to enhance the understanding of physical processes associated with the transport of soil heat, water, solutes, and gases, and the application of accepted physical principles for the management of our soil and water natural resources.

Jaynes, Dan B. Professor (USDA Collaborator). Transport of heat, water, and chemicals through soils. Modeling irrigation, soil, and microbial systems.

Logsdon, Sally D. Professor (USDA Collaborator). Soil management influences on soil structure; influence of soil structure on movement of water and solutes, and roots; lateral and preferential movement of water and solutes and influence on groundwater quality.