This initiative's goal is life-long learning with equal emphasis placed upon on-campus and off-campus learners. New programs include:

  • an undergraduate scholarship program that attracts the best minds to Iowa State University's Agronomy Department
  • a scholar exchange program where the world's top scholars in teaching and extension interact with Iowa State's faculty and staff
  • an innovation incubator where creative teams of faculty, staff and students design, test and implement educational innovations
  • an educational technology enhancement laboratory where faculty develop, use and evaluate emerging technologies to improve on- and off-campus learning
  • interactive databases and websites that provide real data and interpretations to on- and off-campus learners
  • an extended learning campus that promotes continual knowledge exchange between ISU and farmers, community colleges, crop production professionals, farm organizations, government agencies and others

Initiative Coordinator:
Dr. C. Lee Burras
phone: 515.294.0559
fax: 515.294.8146

Rm. 1126 Agronomy Hall
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011-1010

Current funding cycle:

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