Status of Concepts Developed to Date
5 November 2001

Based on our previous meetings as well as a number of 1-on-1 conversations I see us developing the three concept areas we collectively discussed as well as having three or four proposals go forward that have a portion of their support coming from Education & Extension.

The three concept areas and faculty who have expressed an interest in seeing them be developed follow. Faculty names in caps indicate their willingness (or at least not an unwillingness) to help lead the development of these projects although those names can change as appropriate.

  1. Outcomes Assessment (RUSS MULLEN, Mary Wiedenhoeft, Sherry Pogranichniy, Tom Polito).
  2. Delivery Models in Extension & Education (MAHDI AL-KAISI, Al Knapp, Dennis Todey)
  3. Teaching Enhancement Laboratory (RUSS MULLEN, Al Knapp, Ken Moore, Lance Gibson, Mary Wiedenhoeft)

Each of these groups welcome additional faculty. For example I have dumped the Teaching Enhancement Laboratory on Dr. Mullen yet I think several of us with large responsibilities in teaching and extension need to step up and figure out a 5-year plan such that the MS program continues to thrive while UG and extension needs are met.

In addition to the umbrella concepts above, five strongly inter-initiative ideas could be going forward. They are (in order of when I heard about them):

  1. Revamping university farms education & extension activities (Ken Moore)
  2. Bioethics education (Walt Fehr),
  3. Soil organic matter management education and extension (Michael Thompson),
  4. Reinvigorating producer-extension interactions (Bob Hartzler),
  5. GIS supplemental activities (Gene Takle).

To plot our course for the next month, I am calling a meeting for Friday (November 09) at 2 pm in Room 1022. I invite you each to attend.

Lee Burras

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