Science and Policy Seminar Series

Selective Entry; Persistent Contact: Reflections on How to Work the Hill

Dr. Larry Burmeister
University of Kentucky

Thursday, February 19, 2004
3:30 pm (Reception: Agronomy Commons)
4:00 pm (Lecture-Seminar: Rm. 2020 Agronomy Hall)

Larry Burmeister is Associate Professor of Community and Leadership Development/Sociology at the University of Kentucky.  In 2001, he served as the American Sociological Association's Congressional Fellow and  worked in conjunction with the Senate Agriculture Committee.  His current research interests include the impacts of globalization on the U.S. agri-food system, U.S. farm policy in the WTO era, and the restructuring of East Asian agriculture.  He is the author of Research, Realpolitik and Development in Korea: The State and the Green Revolution (Westview Press, 1988).

For more information about Dr. Burmeister's talk or to arrange a meeting with him during his visit to ISU Feb. 18-20, please contact Ann Finan,, (515) 294.8012.

The Science and Policy Seminar Series seeks to

1) help ISU faculty and staff more effectively fulfill the land-grant mission by increasing understanding of the impact of science and scientists on the establishment of public policies and regulations

2) encourage and expand communication and collaboration between natural and social scientists

3) enhance the capacity university-wide for engaged citizenship

Funded by the Global Agricultural Science and Policy Initiative, through an endowment to the Agronomy Department.  Supporting ISU departments include: Agronomy, Economics, Plant Pathology, Political Science, Sociology and the Office of Biotechnology.