Guidelines for Preparation of Full Proposals

Content of Proposals


Prepare your final document in MS- Word or PDF format according to the following guidelines:

Maximum length: ten 8.5 x 11" pages (exclusive of appendix)

Minimum text size: 10 points

Line spacing: single-space

Margins: 1"



Proposal title

Name, position and departmental affiliation of participants

Identify external collaborators (other universities, government agencies, industry, the general public)


Timeline of Project

Include a calendar for the project, clearly identifying beginning and ending date of activities and key mileposts (to be used to measure achievement and for evaluation)


Executive Summary

In one page or less describe:

  • Issue addressed
  • Project goal and rationale
  • Clientele for the project
  • Products, results and other "deliverables" expected
  • Timeline
  • The project team that has been assembled


Proposal Body

In narrative format, describe:

  • What is the general context leading to the need for this work?
  • Who are the clientele for the project?
  • Why is this project innovative?
  • What will be the specific results, outcomes or products of the work?
  • General strategy of the work:
    • How is this project integrative?
    • What specific activities will this project enable that are not taking place now?
    • Why is this concept or approach not fundable through conventional channels?
  • How will the project enhance the department's excellence?
  • How is this concept consistent with Path to the Future and the Department of Agronomy's Strategic Plan?
  • Will the project match other sources of funding?
  • Will the work qualify the project team for further extramural funding?
  • What would be the consequences of not funding this concept?



List total project expenditure per year and the sum total. Identify the following as percentages of the project total:

  • Operating expenses
  • Materials
  • Travel
  • Personnel
  • Other (briefly categorize)



Include a one-page C. V. for each principal investigator submitting the proposal.



  1. Your Intent to Submit a Proposal is due by 4 PM on 29 October 2004.
  2. Full proposals will be due electronically by 5 PM on 14 January 2005 and should be submitted online. At this site you will be able to submit documents in MS-Word or PDF format. Print copies will be accepted only if electronic submittal is not possible. In such a case, documents should be submitted by the above deadline to the Agronomy Department's Main Office (Rm. 2101 Agronomy Hall, ISU, Ames IA 50011-1010).


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