Matt Liebman


Office: 1401 AGRON
Phone: (515) 294-7486

My research group focuses on cropping system diversification, soil amendments, and weed ecology and management. Included within the scope of our work are experiments involving crop rotations, cover crops, green manures, intercrops, conservation strips, animal manures, composts, and insects and rodents that consume weed seeds. Much of the approach I take toward studying the crop-soil-weed interface is described in Ecological Management of Agricultural Weeds (Cambridge University Press, 2001), which I co-authored with Drs. Charles Mohler and Charles Staver. Recently, I have become involved in research examining the environmental impacts of using new crops and native perennial species for biofuel production. I serve as the Henry A. Wallace Chair for Sustainable Agriculture and am a member of the graduate faculties in Sustainable Agriculture, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Biorenewable Resources and Technology, and Crop Production and Physiology.