Kathleen Delate


Office: 147 HORT
Phone: (515) 294-7069

My current position as Assistant Professor–Organic Crops Specialist–is a joint position between the departments of Horticulture and Agronomy. My research lab conducts projects across the state at ISU Research Farms and as on-farm trials. These include the following: research/demonstration plots of organic agronomic crop production with various crop rotations; organic soybeans following CRP land; variety trials; production of organic herbs (St. John's Wort, catnip), fruits (grapes, apples) and vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, edamame soybeans, sweet corn); long-term agroecological plots comparing conventional and organic systems; and pest management (organically-approved management of corn earworm, soybean pod mottle virus and soybean aphid). Organic agriculture information is presented via workshops and publications with publications available on general production and marketing information, weed management, soil quality, and transitioning from conventional to organic production.