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Freshman Learning Community Field Trip to Nebullam

On October 5th, the Agronomy Department’s freshman learning community visited Nebullam. Nebullam is a hydroponic producer oflettuce, micro-greens, and tomatoes located right here in Ames! “People deserve local food year-round, and the industry dinosaurs can’t provide that. We design and build our own indoor farming equipment, which can be deployed closer to you.” Peer mentor, Maddy Krumins lead the first field trip on Monday and Wyatt Bailey lead the other on Thursday along with Ms. Ackerman and Ms. Zumbach.

Nebullam has a home in the ISU Research Park and even with a small space, they can produce 300 lbs of food a week. During the field trip the students learned how the direct-to-consumer, vertical farm operates.This different side of agronomy was a great experience for these agronomists to have a view into this sustainable option for producing crops.

The Nebullam employees took them on an educational tour around the facility and answered any questions the students had. Maddy shares that, “All the students agreed it was an enriching experience and a good look into the future of farming.”

To learn more about Nebullam check out their website,

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