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Schedule: Plant Breeding Seminar Series - Spring 2023

Join us every Wednesday from 3-4 pm
Agronomy – Rm 3140

Most seminars are scheduled to be in-person, with the Zoom option. Three seminars will be Zoom only as indicated in the Title/Topic

Seminar starts at 3:00 and extended discussion starts after the seminar.


Date Speaker Affiliation Title/Topic Host
1-Feb Rajkumar Zunjare ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute Genetic enhancement for nutritional quality and specialty traits in corn through genomics-assisted breeding Thomas Lubberstedt
1-Feb Matheus Krause Iowa State University Biological insights into soybean breeding with recovered historical yield data Danny Singh
8-Feb Jared Crain Kansas State University Genomic selection in action: Domesticating intermediate wheatgrass Jianming Yu
15-Feb Mike Castellano Iowa State University A systems approach to corn and soybean production in the northern Corn Belt: some opportunities for plant breeding Sotirios Archontoulis
22-Feb Dave Hyten University of Nebraska Mapping and selection for yield stability in soybeans Jamie O’Rourke
1-Mar Peggy Ozias-Akins University of Georgia Molecular Genetics of Plant Development and Peanuts Danny Singh
8-Mar Andres Gordillo KWS Hybrid rye breeding (Zoom only) Thomas Lubberstedt
15-Mar No seminar Spring Break (Mar 13 -17)
22-Mar Alain Charcosset INRAE Maize Diversity, Quantitative Genetics, and Breeding Methods Thomas Lubberstedt
29-Mar Brady Carter Neutec Group Flow Cytometer (Zoom only) Siddique Muhammad-Aboobucker
5-Apr Jiming Jiang Michigan State University Gene Expression and Regulation Jianming Yu
12-Apr Vance Whitaker University of Florida Strawberry Breeding and Genetics (Zoom only) Danny Singh
19-Apr Tyler Foster Iowa State University Fine-mapping efforts reduce chromosomal region responsible for qshgd1 in maize Thomas Lubberstedt
19-Apr Ashlyn Rairdin Iowa State University Deep learning-based phenotyping for genome-wide association studies of complex diseases in soybean Arti Singh
26-Apr Anna Locke USDA-ARS, NCSU Crop-Environment Interactions Michelle Graham
3-May Liza Van de Laan Iowa State University Understand the genetic diversity of heat stress tolerance in soybeans Danny Singh
3-May Stephen Gray Iowa State University Exploring the role of stigmasterol on maize growth and development Anthony Mahama
3-May Juan Panelo Iowa State University Understanding crop growth genetics in sorghum Maria Salas-Fernandez
10-May Nonoy Bandillo North Dakota State University Pulse Crop Breeding Arti Singh

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