Where Are They Now? Emily Putze, '17 Graduate

March 8, 2019

Emily Putze is a recent 2017 graduate of the Agronomy Department. She is currently located in Nebraska as an Associate Territory Manager at Corteva Agriscience, formerly known as Dow/DuPont Pioneer. Her main job duties include working with local retailers to help positions Corteva chemical products to growers. Emily trains retailers and growers on how certain products are used so that growers can get the best experience possible when using the products. She makes smart decisions to protect the environment while at the same time, still helping farmers succeed in the fight against weeds and pests. Emily uses her agronomic knowledge to diagnose problems in the field and then, with that knowledge, she is able to determine what means are needed to be taken in order to control it.

Emily enjoys the opportunities that the Dow-DuPont merger has provided to her. Now that they are one company that does many different things, she works with growers, retailers, Pioneer seed representatives, etc., to provide the best solutions to growers that she can. Emily can do a better job because of the support system and resources that she has.

The Department of Agronomy prepared her for her role in three very significant ways. It provided her with some of the best schooling that there is. Now that Emily has worked with peers from all across the U.S. and many different university backgrounds, she feels as though Iowa State has one of the best agronomy programs out there. The Agronomy Department and Career Services also helped her to set up two internships that then led to her full-time job. Emily also received invaluable leadership experience by being involved in clubs and committees that were facilitated by the department.

One of Emily’s favorite memories during her time at Iowa State come from spending time in the ‘reading room’ between classes and chatting with everyone that came through and coordinating Friday morning potluck breakfasts. They even had a griddle set up in there. Working for the department for various faculty members also allowed her to have great on campus jobs that were a lot of fun as well.

Emily was heavily involved with 4-H Experience Agronomy Event, Women in Agronomy, she was a CALS Ambassador, and an officer for the Agronomy Club.

Advice: Go on an agricultural study abroad trip if you are able. I went to Spain and saw many things that I will probably not get the opportunity to see again. Take advantage of these opportunities as a student because you will probably never again have a time where you are able to drop everything and go!