Where Are They Now? Matt Levan '18 Grad

March 15, 2019

It has been almost a year since Matt Levan graduated in May of 2018. He is now located in DeWitt, IA where he is a Production Management Trainee for Remington Seeds. His primary duties include learning to be a manager under the current management team, while also learning the duties of all the employees to better understand how to manage their duties. This applies to duties of all employees in both the production plant and in the seed corn field.

Matt likes that every day he is learning or doing something different. Whether it be learning about field operations and how to grow more and higher quality seed corn, or it be learning the seed conditioning or packaging process in the plant operations. The diversity of daily tasks Matt finds to be the most enjoyable part. He also enjoys learning from the older employees on how they used to perform tasks years ago and how much the seed industry has changed since then!

The Agronomy Department help Matt in his career development by teaching him what essentials go into producing a quality crop; such as things like managing weeds and diseases to managing nutrients in the soil. Matt also used much of his plant physiology knowledge to teach others on things to look for when it was getting close to detasseling time and how the plant develops over its life cycle.

Matt can’t just pick out one favorite memory; there’s too many for him to choose from! He really enjoyed the many trips he took for the soil judging team, and he also really enjoyed going to Costa Rica for a study abroad trip. Working for Dr. Manu was one of the most rewarding job experiences he had during his college career. He also cannot forget all of the knowledge he gained from Dr. Burras in the classroom, across the state, and even abroad.

Matt was also heavily involved within the department. He participated in the soils judging team for three years, and he had the privilege of serving as the Agronomy Club President. Matt was also a teaching assistant for Dr. Manu in the learning center. In fact, Matt also enjoyed frequently helping faculty and staff with any tasks they needed help with.

Matt’s advice: The best advice I could give students is don't be afraid to meet people and making connections. I find it is so helpful and awesome to contact a friend from other states to see how everything is going. Making those connections can come from people on campus or participating in trips, whether that is with a club, with a team, or an abroad trip. I feel the more connections you make, the more of an advantage you will have in your career.