Where are They Now? Staci Osborn '06 Graduate

March 5, 2019

Staci (Schmitt) Osborn graduated from Iowa State in 2006 with her degree in Agronomy. She is currently located in Winthrop, Iowa where she is a Field Testing Agronomist for Bayer. Her primary job duties are planning, planting, scouting, and harvesting field trials around northeast Iowa. Staci enjoys the variety that comes with her job. Each day is different and the people that she works with can vary week to week which is a nice change of pace for her.

The Agronomy Department had lots of opportunities to be involved and with those opportunities, they led her to meeting new people. It also provided her the opportunities for speaking and working closely with professors.

Staci was honored to have the change to be the peer mentor for two years and to get to know even more people throughout that experience. Dr. Wiedenhoeft and Dr. Burras always took the time to meet with her, and to this day when she sees them, they remember her. That personal interaction is a wonder thing to Staci.

Staci was involved with Agronomy club and Ag Systems Technology Club. Now she helps with Farm Safety Days in her local community as well as the Amish community close to her. She is also involved with local volunteering opportunities, and she has also spoken to a couple of women’s groups about Women in Agriculture.

Advice: “Get out and meet people, and get involved in something you like to do.”