Where Are They Now? Tyler Reimers, 2012 Graduate

February 25, 2019

Tyler Reimers graduated in 2012 with his BS in Agronomy. He now resides in Denison, IA where he is an Assistant Agronomy Division Manager for Farm Service Cooperative. His job duties include managing all aspects of agronomy business that pertains to the cooperative, as well as procurement, pricing, and logistics of the products and services they provide. He also trains and supports the agronomy staff.

Tyler enjoys most that he helps their farmer members make intelligent agronomic and economic decisions that affect their business and livelihood by keeping up to date on the newest technologies and advancements within the industry, and also by implementing local experimental plots to test new products first hand.

The Agronomy Department provided Tyler with the appropriate schooling to create a base knowledge on which he could build with his work experiences and allowed him to explore his interests in the agronomy field, which helped to further advance his career path. Tyler says that he was encouraged to take on internship and was taught professional skills that helped him to a secure a job before graduating. He was able to connect with other students who are now industry peers that he still talks to frequently.

Tyler’s favorite memories come from the places that he was able to travel to with the department. Through soil judging and SASES, he was able to visit multiple states from Washington to West Virginia to learn about the local landscapes and agriculture businesses. In fact, Tyler and other peers were able to host a SASES event at Iowa State and show off Iowa agriculture to students across the nation. He also really enjoyed his study abroad trip to Costa Rice with Dr. Burras to study farming practices in tropical regions. In fact, Tyler still remembers the freshmen learning community trip with Dr. Wiedenhoeft to southeast Iowa the weekend before college even started.

Tyler was involved with Agronomy Club, CALS Student Council, Soil Judging team, and Beginning Farmers Network.

“My advice is to get involved and don't waste the vast amount of opportunities available to Agronomy students. You will get as much out of these years as you put into them. You are able to travel the state, the US, and even the world while learning about your industry and making lifelong friends,” says Tyler, about his advice to current students.