World Hunger Solver

When I came to Iowa State, I didn’t realize there were nearly one billion malnourished people in the world. Now I do. I also know solving world hunger has to start from the ground up. That’s why I’m studying soils, climate, crop diversity, plant breeding, and more to help identify and analyze problems facing an area’s agriculture. So I can become an agronomist. So I can make a difference in the lives of others.

About Andy

I was a member of my local FFA chapter in Hagerstown, Indiana, and I competed in soil judging. This was my first exposure to the field of agronomy and what it did.  I'm concerned about world hunger, natural resource preservation, public understanding of GMOs, and genetic diversity in production crops. These issues cannot be addressed without people studying them and understanding them. The more you understand the easier it will be for you after you graduate. Make sure you get as much exposure to these issues as possible through work, undergrad projects, clubs, and TA opportunities.

Why Iowa State?

The Iowa State Agronomy Department has an unbelievable faculty with unbelievable opportunities and resources. It's hard to feel like you don't belong here. My first year here was very much a learning curve. College is a very different animal than high school. I had to learn how to study for exams and manage my time well. Agon 421 Plant Breeding has been my favorite clas sso far. My favorite experience has been getting to work with the corn breeding program. I have learned a lot about the industry and the people I work with are the best. My adviser, Dr Christian, has to be one of my favorite professors. He helped my find my job with the corn breeding lab and with any other issues I've had.  


I am a leader with the Salt Company, a collegiate ministry.


Seek out opportunities to learn and gain experience in what interests you. Be open to change. Make a plan for your career but understand that it might change.

In ten years...

I would like to have my PhD in plant breeding and be working in industry with a well established seed company.