Agronomy at the Science Center of Iowa

February 15, 2018

The Science Center of Iowa hosted a STEM for Girls event February 10. Groups in our department hosted two different booths.

Michelle Graham and Jamie O'Rourke's team, our affiliates from the USDA, taught kids about DNA extraction using strawberries. Here in Agronomy, Michelle and Jamie use similar technology to research soybeans.

A group of our ag meteorology graduate students also attended and helped the kids build their own an anemometer to measure the speed of wind.

Graduate student Kevin Falk also germinated seedlings with different root structures for everyone to see.

Over 1,000 girls participated in STEM activities for all ages. One little girl came to the DNA extraction booth FIVE times. A terrific event to inspire the next generation of agronomists.


Standing Left to Right:
Mercy Kabahuma (Ph.D. student with Lauter)
Sharon Tusiime (Ph.D. student with Nonnecke, Dept. of Horticulture)
Chantal McCabe (Post-doc with Graham)
Daniel Kohlhase (Ph.D. student with Graham)
Michelle Graham
Jamie O'Rourke

Sitting Left to Right:
Jessica Hohenstein (Post-doc with O'Neal, Dept. of Entomology)
Betsabe Mantilla (Ph.D. student with Salas Ph.D.)
Martha Ibore  (Post-doc with Singh and Salas)

Not Pictured:
Anne Brown (Post-doc with Cannon)
Kevin Falk (Ph.D. student with Singh)
Jody Hayes (Technician for Graham)
Lori Lincoln (Technician for Graham)