The history behind Agronomy Club's popcorn and doughnut stand

October 1, 2019

Every school year, the department looks forward to students returning to campus to start back up one of their favorite traditions, the popcorn and doughnut stand in agronomy hall.

The Agronomy Club at Iowa State sets up a stand across from the commons to sell popcorn and doughnuts every Friday, starting early in the morning.

Junior in agronomy Ben Kolbe is currently the sales co-chair alongside Tyler Simons. “Before being co-chair I worked the stand every Friday,” Kolbe said. “My favorite part of working the shift is getting to see and talk with students and faculty that I might not get to see otherwise because they aren’t in any of my classes.”

Kolbe also explained that all of the funds from the popcorn and doughnut stand go directly back to the club, supporting activities such as Experience Agronomy and SASES.

“The agronomy department is a big help with the stand because they let us set up the stand, help us manage the money, and help us with storage of the equipment and any other questions we might have,” Kolbe said.

The popcorn and doughnut stand has been around for many years. It actually started as a pizza sale, which then turned into what the department knows it as today.

“The pizza stand began in 1997, which then switched to popcorn and doughnut sales in the early 2000s to follow food sale guidelines in accordance with the university,” said agronomy professor and Agronomy Club advisor Dr. Lee Burras.

Be on the lookout for popcorn and doughnut sales in the agronomy hall commons hallway every Friday starting around 8 a.m. to noon. The sales are always freewill donation.