New rhizobial species named in honor of the late Prof. Lloyd R. Frederick

September 24, 2019

A new rhizobial species,Bradyrhizobium frederickii, has been named in honor of the late Professor Llyod R. Frederick who was a professor of soil microbiology in the Iowa State Department of Agronomy.

The rhizobial species is a nitrogen-fixing lineage that is isolated from nodules of the caesalpinioid species Chamaecrista fasciculata and is characterized by tolerance to high temperature in vitro.

Padma Somasegaran, PhD and retired microbiologist, knew Professor Frederick for many years when he was with the NifTAL Project at the University of Hawaii Department of Agronomy and Soil Science. At the time, Professor Frederick was with USAID in Washington DC and would frequent Hawaii. 

Padma and his friends from Brazil collaborated in published research, where Padma isolated all of the rhizobia that were studied in the published work. He decided to name the new species after Professor Frederick.

"He was always a kind and encouraging person," Padma said.