Personalized pumpkin painting for Northcrest Community residents by Agronomy 110 students

October 21, 2019

Each year Dr. Wiedenhoeft’s Agronomy 110 class of freshmen have the opportunity to paint pumpkins for Northcrest Community in Ames, a retirement community where many emeritus professors live.

Agronomy students chose who they painted their pumpkins for from a list of names. Once selected, students also learned about the resident’s interests, such as chess, pizza, or Iowa State, which made the pumpkins even more personalized to residents. Many pumpkins were painted on Tuesday, October 15.

The pumpkins were then delivered to Northcrest Community residents by students and Dr. Wiedenhoeft. The residents were very thankful for the painted pumpkins and they will surely provide joy to residents throughout fall.

The Agronomy 110 class is the learning community for freshmen in the Department of Agronomy. This class helps to foster relationships and friendships among the cohort as well as provide support for other classes and activities. The learning community is first acquainted by going on a field trip where they meet each other and learn more about agronomy and agriculture throughout Iowa. To learn more about this year’s learning community field trip: