Soil Science Certificate Requirements

The overall program is divided into three categories: Foundation course (3 credits), Supporting Science courses (15 credits), and Soil Science courses (13 credits). For courses to qualify as a supporting science course, they must be from the biological, physical, or earth sciences. For a course to qualify as a soil science course, the course must apply principles and concepts of soil science to solve problems within an agricultural, environmental, and/or ecological framework. Overall, nine credits must be unique to the certificate.

Foundation (3 credits)

Agron 182 (Introduction to Soil Science)                                                                3 cr.

Supporting Biological, Physical, or Earth Sciences (15 credits)

Preapproved list from the following designators: ABE, AGRON, A ECL, BIOL, CHEM, CE, CRP, ENSCI, ENT, FOR, GEOL, HORT, LA, MTEOR, MICRO, NREM, PHYS (courses accepted for this requirement are wide-ranging; for a current list, please contact the Soil Science Certificate adviser).

Soil Science

(Total of 13 credits with at least 2 credits from each of the categories below and 9 credits of which at the 300-level or above)

Soil Physical Properties or Soil Water Relationships:

Agron 282 (Soil Conservation and Land Use)3 cr.
Agron 360 (Environmental Soil Science)3 cr.
Agron 405 (Environmental Biophysics)3 cr.
Agron 477 (Soil Physics)3 cr.
ABE 431 (Design and Evaluation of Soil and Water Conservation Sys.)3 cr.
TSM 324 (Soil and Water Conservation Management)3 cr.

Soil Chemistry:

Agron 259 (Organic Compounds in Plants and Soils)  3 cr.
Agron 459 (Environmental Soil and Water Chemistry)     4 cr.

Soil Biology:

Agron 354 (Soils and Plant Growth)      3 cr.
Agron 354L (Soils and Plant Growth Lab)  1 cr.
Agron 485 (Soil and Environmental Microbiology)   3 cr.

Soil Morphology and Geography:

Agron 270 (Geospatial Technologies)     3 cr.
Agron 370 (Field Experience in Soil Description and Interpretation)1 cr.
Agron 463 (Soil Formation and Landscape Relationships)3 cr.
Agron 463L (Soil Formation and Landscape Relationships Lab)1 cr.