Caner Ferhatoglu

Caner Ferhatoglu
2523 Agronomy Hall
716 Farm House Ln
Ames, IA  50011


Caner is a Soil Scientist and GIS Specialist. He earned his bachelor`s degree in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition from Akdeniz University in 2015. After he completed his degree, he was awarded a full scholarship from the Turkish Government to study Soil Science in the USA. He earned his M.S. degree at NCSU in 2019. He also completed a certificate in GIS given by the Center for Geospatial Analytics at NCSU. Apart from his studies at NCSU, he worked as a cashier and tutor for student-athletes in topics like statistics, calculus, and organic chemistry. In 2019 Fall, he joined ISU to do his Ph.D. in Soil Science under the direction of Dr. Bradley Miller.

His research interests include GIS, remote sensing, programming, and precision agriculture. His research particularly focuses on delineating precision agriculture management zones using satellite imagery, GIS, and machine learning. A management zone is a sub-region of a field including soils with similar productivity levels. It is important to group similar soils under management zones to reduce over or under use of fertilizers. Doing so will optimize agricultural input use and maintain the environment.

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