The Geospatial Laboratory for Soil Informatics primarily focuses on data analysis and collaborates with other laboratories on the Iowa State University campus for soil property measurements, many of which are here in our department. Within our laboratory, we house the following research equipment:

Laser Diffractometer

• Capable of measuring particle sizes between 0.01 – 3,500 μm.
• Particle size measured across 101 bins for a highly detailed measurement of the particle size distribution.
• Accuracy: 0.6%

Virtual Server

A server equipped with a 16 core Xeon processor, supporting specialized software that includes:

  • ArcGIS
  • R
  • SAGA
  • Anaconda
  • Adobe Creative Cloud


Shared Resources

Our department is equipped with a large variety of resources for collecting and measuring the properties of both soil and plant materials. We are able to collect soil samples via hand probe, hand auger, motorized hammer probe, or a Giddings hydraulic probe.