Moore wins Ruppert & Judith Hunziker Graduate Scholarship for Soil Science

January 29, 2018

Britt Moore comes from Chicago, Illinois where his interest in agronomy started. He attended a high school that focused on agriculture called CHSAS (Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.) He continued his education at Truman State where he got his bachelors in Ag science. Moore came to Iowa State in 2009 to get his Masters in Crop Production & Physiology and Sustainable Agriculture. After receiving his masters, he moved to Florida where he taught high school environmental science.

When Moore moved back to Iowa he worked with ISU Extension and Outreach as a cover crops specialist. Currently he is working on getting his PhD in soil physics.

During his masters Moore studied cover crops and how cover crops can influence soil organic matter and soil quality. Initially he was primarily interested in crop production but as he explored his research he saw great potential in soil studies. Now his PhD work explores interactions between soil structure, soil organic matter, and plant available water, particularly as they relate to extreme weather impact mitigation and climate change adaptation. Recently he has been awarded the Ruppert & Judith Hunziker Graduate Scholarship for Soil Science.

Outside of his career he enjoys traveling and photography. If he won a million dollars his first purchase would be an around the world, first class plane ticket. Another hobby or interest of his is cooking. He specifically enjoys spicy food and creating his own dishes. One of his favorites is his own ice cream called “Breakfast of champions,” it’s a maple flavored ice cream with crumbled up bits of bacon served over French toast.