From Local Sales Representative to Pioneer Field Agronomist: Allie Wise

February 5, 2020

Allie Wise graduated from Iowa State in May 2016 with her B.S. in Agronomy and since has found herself in the position as a Field Agronomist for Pioneer Seeds in Southeast Minnesota.

Allie originally worked as a Local Pioneer Sales Representative, which led her to the opportunity to apply for her current field agronomist position.

Regarding her day-to-day, it varies a lot especially during different times of the year.

"During the spring and summer months, I spend a lot of time scouting and evaluating field and plot conditions in my territory," said Allie. "Drones are the latest 'high-tech' tool available to assist in making early seasons and stand counts, with immediate real-time field assessments to aid in observations."

Allie describes her favorite part of her job as recognizing that work done today passes on something to those tomorrow. "Whether you are working on the latest technology and research or continuing a long family tradition, agricultural careers leave a legacy to strive for each day," said Allie.

Gaining a network was noted as one of the most valuable way Iowa State helped to Prepare Allie for her career with Pioneer. By connecting with other students, professors, and industry professionals during college, Allie was able to successfully network with people on a professional basis after she had graduated. 

"The people you meet in college might prove to be important connections for getting jobs later, business partnerships, important professional contacts, and more," said Allie.

In addition to being a Field Agronomist for Pioneer, Allie also hosts a podcast titled "Today in Agronomy" with fellow local Pioneer Field Agronomist Josh Schofner.

"This show is educational and focuses exclusively on agronomics for Southeast Minnesota," said Allie. "We cover agronomy topics ranging form crop nutrition, crop protection, latest trends, and more. In season, the show covers local crop conditions and progress."

"Today in Agronomy" was created in November of 2019 to share content including all things agronomy, in an authentic way, for their audience across Southeast Minnesota.

Allie encourages students to be curious every day and to remember, "if you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done."