Where are They Now? Jacob Perkins, '16 Grad

March 5, 2019

Jacob Perkins graduated in May of 2016 and he is now located in South Central Minnesota, where he is a Retail Sales Representative with Syngenta. His primary job duties are working with and through local retailers to help growers make the best agronomic and financial decisions for their operations regarding crop production products.

What Jacob likes most about his job is that he has the ability to help a grower from the planning stages of their crops, through the growing season if changes are needed, and then finally at the end of the year. He also likes to see what kind of ROI their products are providing for growers.

The time Jacob spent in applied lab time in a few of his classes provided him the most value that he could take with him after graduation and into the real world. Some of his favorite memories are from being involved with Agronomy Club. The people he met and the places the club went with him have helped to serve as amazing building blocks for his career. In fact, Jacob was president of the Agronomy Club, as well as a Senior CALS rep.

“Be as involved as you can outside of class.  Four years, or however long you decide to stay, flies by quicker than you would imagine. Take risks, meet new people & have fun,” Jacob’s advice for current students.