Chase Krug: A summer spent at Reiman Gardens

June 17, 2020

Chase Krug, junior in agronomy, is spending his at Reiman Gardens as their Plant Collections Intern. Chase manages the garden's vast collection of diverse plants and provides the public with educational outreach.

"My summer internship project involves creating a backup germplasm collection of the Dr. Griffith Buck Rose Collection to ensure it is well preserved for future rose breeders as a valuable genetic resource for disease resistant rose germplasm," said Chase. "Dr. Griffith Buck was a famed former rose breeder and professor at Iowa State who created and introduced 90+ varieties of disease-resitant shrub roses."

Having such strong ties to Iowa State, it only makes sense that Reiman Gardens hosts the premier collection of Dr. Griffith Buck's roses with 80+ varieties showcased.

"Dr. Buck was ahead of his time, and his roses have just recently ushered modern roses into a new age of improvement. I'm learning very useful skills on germplasm management that I'll definitely use in my future endeavors in preserving the world's valuable plant germplasm," said Chase.

Chase also keeps busy by managing his own gardening projects, such as breeding tree peonies in his backyard. He is also growing over 60 cultivars of rare open-pollinated beans at the local community garden in Ames.

"The goal of the bean project is to create larger and fresh seed samples to ensure those cultivars of the common bean are preserved," said Chase.

Outside of agronomy projects, Chase is also working on projects associated with the Election Commission as the Acting Election Commissioner, creating contingency plans on how to run Student Government Elections by following social distancing practices and Iowa State's plans for upcoming semesters.

"I was recently named the Iowa FFA Star in Agriscience for 2020 and am now preparing for Nationals," said Chase.

According to Iowa FFA, the Star program recognizes students with outstanding involvement in Classroom/Laboratory, SAE, and FFA. It is an honor to have such an exceptional student to represent our department at a state and national level.

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