Ella Carlson: Yield Trial Intern

June 24, 2020

Ella Carlson, sophomore in agronomy, is spending her summer as a Yield Trial Intern for Beck's Hybrids in Marshalltown, Iowa.

"So far I have been involved with planting and early season note taking. During planting I sat on the planted and dumped seed packets to be planted," said Ella.

After everything was planted, Ella began taking early season notes along with three other people. She analyzed the corn to see if it was doing good, bad, or if something went wrong when planted. Her notes will help researchers know why there may be abnormalities in yields when harvested. The interns take notes for several hours and then they go back to Marshalltown day after day to watch the corn. 

"Becks requires their interns to do projects throughout the summer and then present them to the other interns when the internship is over in the fall. I am doing my project over early season note taking and watching how the notes will correlate with yield at harvest," said Ella.

Ella is one of the lucky students that's internship was not affected by COVID-19.

"The corn still had to get planted and the notes still have to be taken. I spend most of my day in the field by myself, so social distancing isn't much of a problem for me while I am at Beck's," said Ella.

Each day is unique for Ella and brings it's own challenges and opportunities, which is why she loves her internship.

"Every day I'm traveling to a different part of Iowa and seeing the different stages that the corn is at and taking in the variety of landscape across the state. Beck's is a great place to work and I'm looking forward to the rest of my summer," said Ella.

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