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According to, agronomy majors account for FOUR of the SEVEN most in demand agriculture jobs. It's no surprise that within six months of graduation 100% of Agronomy students get a job making between $45,000 - $50,000. Career opportunities span the globe in a variety of avenues including private industry, governmental agencies, non-profit and entrepreneurial ventures. A network of more than 3000 alumni can help our graduates get a foot in the door.

Take a look at where our recent graduates are working now: 

Company                                           Job Title
DuPont Pioneer                                Seed quality testing specialist - Sales promoter - Plant research internship
Landus Cooperative                        Precision ag specialist
Puris Foods                                       Plant agronomist/Research assistant
River Valley Cooperative                Agronomy sales trainee
Tucker Consulting                           Crop consultant
Nutrien                                               Seed/chemical sales
Boot Family Farms                              Farm hand
Scott Farm Orchard                        Assistant orchard manager
Remington Seeds                            Production management trainee
USDA - NRCS                                   Technician
Farming                                                Farmer
Beck’s Hybrids                                 Research associate
Good Farms                                       Farmer
Crystal Valley Cooperative             Sales agronomist
Cargill                                                Grain Origination sales associate
New Cooperative                             Agronomy sales tech
Agrigold                                             Sales intern
Innovate Ag Services                      Agronomy sales advisor
Crop Production Services              Crop consultant
Summit Ag Group                            Investment analyst
Bennett Ag Research Corp                Research Agronomist
ASAP                                                     Seed and chemical salesman
Central Valley Ag                            Operations
North Central Cooperative             Agronomist
Allendan Seed Company               Product research and development director

Actual Starting Salaries
$20 per hour            $45 ,000             $50,000
$21 per hour            $45,000              $50,400
$16 per hour            $46,500              $52,500
$35,000                    $47,500              $55,000
$36,000                    $50,000              $60,000
$37,400                    $50,000              $75,000

Graduate Schools
Iowa State University
University of Illinois
University of London- School of Oriental and African Studies
University of Cambridge
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Iowa State University

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Rebecca Vittetoe, Extension field agronomist