Michael Cook – Tucker Consulting, Crop Scout

September 1, 2021

Michael CookThis summer senior in agronomy, Michael Cook interned with Tucker Consulting in Storm Lake, Iowa as a crop scout. During his internship, he was responsible for four counties; he would travel between the four of them to check fields. When visiting the fields, he would scout them for diseases, pests, weeds, and other issues that occur with crops.

The most memorable moment for Michael during his summer was the freedom to have his own personal 4-wheeler for the season. He used this 4-wheeler to explore the fields, which cut down on the walking of the fields. A scary moment is what has stayed with Michael from his summer, he was unloading the 4-wheeler from his truck, and it slipped off the ramp. Luckily he and the 4-wheeler were both okay.

Michael shares, “A corn or bean field may seem uniform and boring when you are driving by at 50mph, but there is a lot going on in each one.” This takeaway from his summer crop scouting opportunity made him aware of the different aspects that he checked the fields for every day. Michael will never look at a corn or bean field the same way without considering everything that goes on within them.

Mr. Tucker made this experience one to remember for Michael. He shares that he is very grateful to have had this opportunity. He was able to gain hands-on experience in the field over his summer internship. “Every day presented new learning opportunities, and I feel much more prepared to move forward in my education and future career,” Michael explained.

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