David Brenner

Professional & Scientific

Office: G208 AGRON
Phone: (515) 294-6786

I maintain the Amaranthus collection and distribute seeds worldwide for breeding and research projects. I also maintain collections of Celosia, Chenopodium, Coronilla, Dalea, Galega, Melilotus, Perilla, Spinacia, miscellaneous Umbelliferae, and the millets: Echinochloa, Panicum, and Setaria. This work includes developing techniques for growth and controlled pollination to regenerate seeds, managing technicians, and maintaining contact with seed requestors. I maintain a publicly available electronic database on GRIN, make taxonomic determinations of approximately 100 accessions per year, and I have plant breeding projects involving male sterility, dwarfism, disease resistance, reduced seed shattering and male sterility in amaranths.