Jaci Severson

Professional & Scientific

Office: 1126L AGRON
Phone: (515) 294-1361

I am program assistant for the graduate majors in our department; working with prospective and current students. Our department offers four on-campus graduate majors (Agricultural Meteorology, Crop Production & Physiology, Plant Breeding, Soil Science), and several interdepartmental majors. I also work with GEAT/Meteorology graduate programs.


  • Graduate student assistance
  • Graduate assistant letters of intent and letters of resignation
  • POSC online process
  • Preliminary and Final Oral Exam request assistance
  • Prospective student inquiries and admission process
  • DocFinity, ADIN, Access Plus, Kuali knowledge
  • Kuali reimbursement related to graduate student functions
  • Reference #s for unpublished agronomy courses (699 research, 698 teaching practicum, 590 special topics)
  • Meteorology graduate inquiries and admissions
  • Meteorology graduate office space decisions