Andrew Manu


Office: 1126A AGRON
Phone: (515) 294-5510
Fax: 5152848146

Andrew Manu is expected to provide instruction and to sustain a research program in the area of soil science. His teaching responsibilities include three student-centered and distance education introductory soils courses; Agronomy 154, Fundamentals of Soil Science, Agronomy 155, Soil Science for Horticultural Students, and Agronomy 156, Soils for Urban Use. His research foci are in the areas of the impact of urban land use on the morphological, physical and chemical properties of soils; development of soil morphological quality indicators to different scales and ecosystems; and the use of integrated management technologies for the restitution of degraded tropical lands. He is expected to provide service to departmental, college, university and professional committees as mutually agreed to.