Miller presented with Yaalon Medal at World Congress of Soil Science in Brazil

August 14, 2018

Our Bradley Miller was presented with the Dan Yaalon Young Scientist Medal by the International Union of Soil Sciences at the World Congress of Soil Science in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil earlier this week. The award honors Dan Hardy Yaalon (1924-2014), a professor of soil science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dan H. Yaalon had 57 years of an exceptional research career. He contributed to some of the most fundamental issues of soils in space and time as well as theory and history of soil science. In particular, he made some of the most significant contributions in pedology and palaeopedology, especially regarding arid and Mediterranean landscapes.

Miller's current work in Agronomy advances the quantitative evaluation of spatial variations in environmental processes that affect the distribution of soil properties and how it impacts environmental quality and sustainable crop production. Integrating geographic information science and soil science to develop, improve, and curate high-quality soil geodatabases, Miller uses digital terrain analysis and other non-invasive data collection techniques to produce more accurate and higher resolution soil maps. Farmers can use these maps and environmental modeling to improve land management decisions..

Presenting the award were Dan Yaalon's two sons, Yossi Avraham Shelley (the Israeli ambassador to Brazil), the other medal winner Fei Yang and Karl Stahr (award committee chair.)