Monsanto donates planter to soybean breeding efforts

April 30, 2018

As planting gets underway for farmers and researchers, Dr. Asheesh Singh's soybean lab will be able to plant more efficiently thanks to a donation from Monsanto. The St. Louis based agriculture company develops products and tools to help farmers aground the world grow crops more sustainably. 

“We are pleased to provide this planter donation to Iowa State University,” said J.D. Rossouw, North America and Latin America North Plant Breeding Lead for Monsanto. “Tools like this planter help to prepare the next generation of agricultural scientists and leaders and we are grateful to be a part of encouraging students to pursue careers in agricultural industries to help drive food security.”

The planter will be used by the Singh Lab developing soybean cultivars and germplasm for the benefit of farmers and the agricultural industry.

"This planter is truly appreciated," said Dr. Asheesh "Danny" Singh. "It will improve our research and the impact on Iowa, the industry and the world."

Additionally, the relationship brings value to graduate students as well through an opportunity to network with industry. Local Monsanto representatives also engaged conversation on what it's like to be a plant breeder in the private sector.

“I was honored to participate in the planter donation event at Iowa State, which is right in the heart of America’s farm belt,” said Christie Wiebbecke, Monsanto Plant Breeder.  “Having the chance to engage with grad students and share my professional experiences makes this more than a one-time donation—it’s the beginning of meaningful relationships with future industry colleagues.”

The Singh Lab will waste no time getting it in the field. The donated equipment should be making the rounds at any number of the research farms across the state yet this season.