Success at the Tri-Societies meeting

November 25, 2020


  • Dr. Paul Scott: CSSA Fellow

Undergraduate SASES Awards

  • Greenfield or Golden Opportunity scholars: Jenna Cowan, Austin Schleich, Erin Stichter, Catherine Thom and Hannah Weber
  • Alyssa Swehla: 1st Place for her visual presentation
  • Jenna Cowan, Austin Schleich and Tyler Simon and Alyssa Swehla placed 2nd as a team in the Crops Judging Showcase
  • Jenna Cowan placed 3rd as an individual
  • Austin Schleich placed 6th as an individual
  • Marjorie Hanneman completed her term as the National SASES President

Eight undergraduate students participated in the virtual meeting this year and all eight took home some sort of recognition. Congratulations!

Graduate Student Awards

  • Qi Mu: 1st place CSSA oral presentation
  • Qi Mu: Graduate student scholarship winner
  • Mariana Gomez-Botero: 1st place presentation
  • Mariana Gomez-Botero: 3rd place presentation