Crop Production & Physiology

miscanthus field

Become an expert in crop physiology, ecology, and management; forage quality and utilization; seed production and physiology; weed biology and control. Our emphasis is on corn, soybeans, oats, and forages. Students also have the option of specializing in seed or weed science.





Learning Goals:

  1. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of basic and applied knowledge pertaining the physiology and production of agronomic crops.

  2. Form testable hypotheses and articulate research objectives that, when met, will lead to significant contributions to better understanding crop production and physiology.

  3. Develop skills for the appropriate acquisition, analysis, and reporting of data.

  4. Interpret research results and integrate them into the existing knowledge of the discipline.

  5. Clearly and accurately communicate research findings in traditional and non-traditional forms such as in-person presentations, scientific publications, outreach publications, social media, blogs, video, and webinars.

  6. Conduct scholarship, in teams and independently, in ways that consistently demonstrate ethical practice and professionalism.



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