5th Annual Experience Agronomy Event

April 30, 2019

The 5th annual Experience Agronomy Day took place this past weekend. Students in 4th through 8th grade from all over the state of Iowa came to campus on April 27th to enjoy a day full of learning about different aspects of Agronomy! The morning started out with an introduction from Dr. VanLoocke. Then the students were split into groups and attended 4 different sessions with lunch and t-shirts provided at the end of the day.

The four sessions included:

          A Rainfall Simulator with Ava from the NRCS,

          The Economics of Agronomy,

          A community service project of planting and painting flowers pots for Northcrest Nursing Home,

          And finally a drone demonstration with Kevin.

Since it was a celebration of 5 years, sessions from previous years were chosen, and tweaked  just a little bit to make them different from before.

Members of Agronomy Club at Iowa State volunteered to help check in students, lead groups around Agronomy Hall, and help cook and serve lunch. At the end of the day, special guest Cy came to enjoy lunch with everyone!

On Sunday afternoon, Agronomy Club members went to Northcrest to donate the painted pots.


Dr. VanLoocke's introduction to agronomy and welcome


Economics session with Agronomy Club members. 

 NRCS Rainfall Simulate trailer


Getting pots ready to paint


Finalized products!


Kevin talking about his drones and his drones he brought!


Austin grilling our lunch!


Cy enjoying his lunch!

Thank you to our planning committee for all your hardwork this year and for putting on a great event!