Abby Kennon: Providing food security through the Good Earth Student Farm

October 29, 2019

Abby Kennon, senior in agronomy, has been involved in the ISU Good Earth Student Farm in many different aspects. She first found GESF through the student job board where she was looking for an opportunity that would allow her to work with organic fieldwork.

“Growing up in Iowa, it is pretty usual people assume that you want to work with row crops. On top of that, there can be a stigma around organic farming,” said Abby. “I used to have negative feelings for organic grown/raised products, but wanted to take the initiative to learn more.”

GESF is a CSA Program that allows anyone to pay or work for their share of produce from the farm. Working members are asked to come out for three hours weekly to help in the field. The following Monday, paid and working members collect their share. The program is cheap, easy to join, and is open to everyone. 

“This program ensures that people who may be food insecure can have access to healthy foods. Overall, it comes down to health, ourselves, and our world,” said Abby. “We want to enforce healthy eating, healthy people, and a healthy Earth all in the same process.”

Abby is the treasurer of GESF and was the assistant farm manager over the summer. She has many other roles, such as organizing events, networking, as well as introducing what GESF does to others.

“My favorite part of GESF is meeting new people and new veggies. Getting to learn along the way has easily become my favorite. Everyone is so intelligent and motivated, and it truly is captivating,” said Abby.

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