Kelli & Mitchell: Siblings and TAs

April 18, 2019

Siblings Kelli and Mitchell Roush are teaching assistants, or TAs, for Agronomy 182, our Introduction to Soil Science class. Kelli has been a TA for four semesters and Mitchell has been for two semesters.

Mitchell’s favorite part about TA-ing with his sister is that they are able to use different methods to help students learn and understand different concepts. They both have different teaching styles, which helps if a student doesn’t understand his way, then Kelli’s method may work better for that student.

As much as Kelli hates to admit it, Mitchell does have more knowledge in certain areas. So with that being said, when she is stuck, she knows that she can ask him for help! They come from a town of 1,200 people, so when she decided to come to a university with 36,000 students, she thought that she would never see her brother again. But now she sees him almost every day due to working together!

Mitchell is a grad student, who is in his 1st year Master’s Program and Kelli is a junior. Mitchell had taken the class as an undergrad, so when Dr. Manu allowed him to do it as part of his grad school program, it was the perfect fit! Kelli was approached by Dr. Manu and Ms. Amber Anderson to TA both of their sections of 182, and she quickly took them up on their offers. Kelli loves helping students be able to better understand soil science. She feels so rewarded when helping a student struggling with a student, and then seeing the “ah ha!” look on their faces.

Mitchell will continue his research in field management zones for his Master’s Degree and Kelli will be interning with Golden Harvest as a Seed Sales Intern.