Oregon Girls

March 12, 2019

We have two special ladies who come to us from Oregon! Erin is from Redmond, Oregon and Audrey is from Portland, Oregon. Erin decided to come to Iowa State because she was looking for a degree in agriculture, and when she came on a visit, everything just clicked for her. Her favorites memories have been hanging out with friends that she has made here, they all enjoy going out for dinner or watching movies. Audrey decided to come to Iowa State because she was interested in agriculture, and she knew that ISU had a great program. She wasn’t quite sure where or what part of agriculture interested her most, but agronomy touched on many different topics, and included lots of plant science. Audrey is enjoying meeting new people while being here!

Erin is involved with IAAS, Women in Agronomy, and her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. In IAAS, she was recently elected for the Regional Exchange Coordinator of the Americas so she gets to help out in their international branches as well. Audrey is involved with the Nordic Ski Club as an exec member and she’s also a member of Agronomy Club and IAAS.

How did Audrey and Erin ultimately find out they were both from Oregon? Believe it or not, it was a complete accident! Both girls had heard of each other, but honestly didn’t think that it was true. There was just no way that two agronomy majors were both in first year honors, and both living in Harwood floor in Lyon Hall. In the very early morning before the Agronomy Field Trip, Erin was getting ready in the bathroom when another girl walked in to also get ready. Erin introduced herself, and came to find out that the rumors were true! Audrey was also getting ready for the field trip, so they instantly became friends. While on the field trip bus, Erin was sitting behind Audrey, so when people were going around introducing themselves, they were surprised when Audrey said that she was from Oregon, and then double surprised when Erin would say she also was from Oregon!

The biggest difference between their home and Iowa is the mountains. Audrey and Erin both grew up really close to big mountains, so coming to Iowa provided a new landscape. It’s great having a similar background so that they can talk about things from Oregon without having to give background knowledge, and since they can relate to noticing differences in Iowa, it’s helped to create a strong friendship. Erin likes that Iowa people are truly genuine, and that they also really like Field of Dreams.