Soilmates: Valentine's Day 2019

February 12, 2019

Nate and Lizzy met as students in the Agronomy Department and are recent graduates. Nate asked Lizzy out on their first date after he had kissed her. He stopped and said that he wanted to do it the right way, so he asked her on a date mid-kiss. Of course Lizzy said yes, and Nate planned the perfect date. Mini golfing, sushi and a night under the stars in a hay field with a bottle of red wine and plastic wine glasses, which they still have.

The couple got engaged last Christmas at the High Trestle Trail Bridge in the freezing cold and with a secret photographer, but it was perfect. The bridge was the first place where the couple spent time just the two of them talking about life and their purpose.

Other big events for the couple included road trips to visit Lizzy’s family in Wisconsin from Ames. It was a great bonding time for the couple and helped create memories during the early parts of their relationship. A spontaneous date to Winter Jam in Des Moines led to waiting in the cold after eating Zombie Burger.

Lizzy and Nate were married in December 2018, a ceremony that showed off their incredible passion for agriculture and the deep connection they have to agronomy. Their deep faith drew them to God’s design for marriage as three strands representing the husband, wife and God at the center, which cannot easily be broken.

One day while planning for the wedding, the perfect idea came to mind: use the three textures of soil to represent this example.

A prosperous soil requires three textures, each providing unique properties, that allow for a suitable soil environment allowing plants to flourish. God, husband, and wife – or sand, silt and clay – join in the covenant of marriage to create the ideal environment for marriage to thrive. The soil particles are not easily separated by humans alone. Nate and Lizzy’s hearts are devoted to God and agronomy, so they saw no better way to incorporate them both into their marriage ceremony than joining three textures together to create a soil where the roots of marriage can grow down and take hold in God’s beautiful creation.

Currently, Nate in the associate program with Winfield United serving member cooperatives with technology assistance. Lizzy is currently in graduate school at University of Nebraska Lincoln where she is studying integrated crop livestock systems.

Nate and Lizzy are enjoying their first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds! Congratulations the couple!


Photo credit: Amelia Renee Photography