Travis Lichtensteiger: World Traveler & Ohio Farmer

October 30, 2019

Travis Lichtensteiger, a senior in agronomy, has traveled to 11 countries and plans to go back home to Ohio to farm with his family after college. His diverse experiences will help him with decision making on the farm.

“The resources Iowa State has for a student involved in agriculture is outstanding. After researching, talking to graduates in the industry, and visiting the campus, I could not find another University that offered what Iowa State did,” said Travis.

Lichtensteiger’s farm in Ohio consists of row crops (Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat) and installing drainage tile.

“My role on the farm will consist of day to day farming operations and decision making that involves making the farm more efficient, sustainable, and forward-thinking, while continuing to grow the farm and maximize profit,” said Travis.

Travis’ time at Iowa State has affected his thought process of how he faces issues in the agriculture industry and he now has the knowledge and experience to be able to have a positive impact on current and future issues. Regarding Travis’ travels, he has been to 11 countries, two of which have been New Zealand and Costa Rica with the Iowa State CALS Study Abroad.

“During a study abroad you visit farmers and leading agriculture places in the country. My favorite experiences are the ones made while getting to know the people that I encountered in these countries,” said Travis. “Many of these people I have stayed in contact with, and it’s always great to talk about and compare how we farm with friends from all over the world.”

Travis explained that most students at Iowa State hear about study abroad at some point but it’s all about making the decision to say “yes” to take the opportunity.

“Going abroad has shown me that there are always other ways to get things accomplished and just because I am used to seeing it done one way, that does not mean that it is always the best way,” said Travis.

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