We are always looking for qualified, self-starters to join our team of incredible graduate students! 

Standard Research Assistantships 

Assistantships are largely project-based with the goal of participating in independent research to complete a thesis or dissertation. Availability depends on when faculty start new projects. Our standard assistantships are available to M.S. or Ph.D students. offer a yearly stipend, benefits, and either full or partial tuition support in exchange for about 20 hours of research service per week.

External Fellowships 

Our department also accepts a number of fellowship opportunities, both granted by Iowa State University as well as external organizations. A few examples might include the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation or the United Soybean Board. There are a number of Federally-funded opportunities

Apply directly to the organization hosting the fellowship.

College of Agriculture Scholarships 

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences demonstrates their dedication to graduate education by hosting a number of scholarships.

Apply online

Department of Agronomy Scholarships

The Department of Agronomy has a number of awards and scholarships available to graduate students.