Colloid-Mediated Transport of Hormones with Land-Applied Manure

Endocrine-disrupting hormones may enter the environment via land application of livestock manure. With respect to both livestock production and soils, Iowa is the prototype for agriculture in the Midwest. Our hypothesis is that the risk of hormone transport can be better understood by knowledge of the mechanisms of sorption, desorption, and transport of colloid-hormone complexes.

Ehsan Askari and his wife Sayareh Irani joined the Department of Agronomy as visiting scholars in 2012-2013 under Drs. Knapp and Lubberstedt. After graduation in 2014, Ehsan with a Ph.D in agronomy and Sayareh a Ph.D in plant breeding, the couple returned to Ehsan’s home town, Rafsanjan in Central Iran known as the capital of pistachio in the middle east.

Amounts and Forms of Dissolved Phosphorus Lost with Surface Runoff as Affected by Phosphorus Management and Soil Conservation Practices
Funded by the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy

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