remote sensing

Caner Ferhatoglu
Graduate Assistant
Dr. Prashant Jha
Associate Professor & Extension Weed Specialist
Associate Chair for Extension and Outreach
Director of Graduate Education-Crop Production & Physiology
Mr. Meyer P Bohn
Graduate Assistant-Research
Dr. Brian K Gelder
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Scientist II
Victoria A Walker
NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow
Graduate Research Assistant
Daniel P Brummel
Graduate Assistant-Research
Daniel A Linton
Graduate Assistant-Research
Research collaboration with the Agronomy Faculty in areas of Soil Science, Nutrient Management, Soybean Management, Precision Agriculture, Remote Sensing, and Predictive Analytics
Dr. Petro M Kyveryga
Affiliate Associate Professor
Headshot of Brian K. Hornbuckle.
Dr. Brian K Hornbuckle
Director of Graduate Education, Agricultural Meteorology
Agronomy Advisory Council Faculty Member
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