Valentine's Day

Nate and Lizzy met as students in the Agronomy Department and are recent graduates. Nate asked Lizzy out on their first date after he had kissed her. He stopped and said that he wanted to do it the right way, so he asked her on a date mid-kiss. Of course Lizzy said yes, and Nate planned the perfect date. Mini golfing, sushi and a night under the stars in a hay field with a bottle of red wine and plastic wine glasses, which they still have.

The couple got engaged last Christmas at the High Trestle Trail Bridge in the freezing cold and with a secret photographer, but it was perfect. The bridge was the first place where the couple spent time just the two of them talking about life and their purpose.

Jordan and Rebecca Vittetoe first met in an Iowa State soils class where they sat next to each other for the whole semester. Their first unofficial date they planned to study for their soils final but spent most of the time talking and not studying. They were married on November 14th, 2015 in Rebecca’s hometown, LeMars, Iowa.

Rebecca is an extension field agronomist for ISU and Jordan works as a Pioneer Sales Associate for a local Pioneer Dealer.

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