A little bit of everything with Heartland Coop

October 20, 2017

Alyssa Dean is a Junior in Agronomy and Agricultural Business.

This past summer, Alyssa worked for Heartland Coop in Treynor, Iowa and Henderson, Iowa as a crop scout/sales intern.

To this point, Alyssa has did a little bit of everything with her internship. She tissue sampled, hauled chemicals, scouted fields, set plot signs and met with growers. Alyssa said that “I was always busy doing something; there is never a dull moment during the work day. “

When asked what she was most excited to learn about/do, Alyssa responded with “I was most excited to meet with growers, and gain more knowledge about the agricultural industry, since I did not grow up on a farm. Within my first week at Heartland, just from speaking with several growers, my knowledge of different farming practices has grown greatly.”

Fun fact: “A fun fact about me is over this past spring break, I had the privilege to go on a service learning study abroad to St John in the Virgin Islands. While there, we worked with the local school and built them a new section to their large garden and got to try a variety of native and exotic fruits and vegetables.”