Using GIS/GPS with industry trials at DuPont Pioneer

October 20, 2017

Josh Behnke is a Senior in Agronomy

He has been an Agronomy Club member for 3 years

This summer, Josh was located in Northeast Iowa, based out of Dubuque for DuPont Pioneer. His title was Northeast Iowa Agronomy Sales Intern; he worked with the “Pioneer field agronomists to help with service calls, population trials, new product plot evaluations/data as well as customer and sales rep relations”.

When asked what he did with his internship, Josh answered with, “My main projects as an intern have helped with data processing of Pioneer’s population and new product trials. Learning how GIS/ GPS is applied to industry trials and seeing new product performance has been an exciting part of my role. I have also gained experience through ride-alongs with agronomists, account managers and sales reps, which have helped me understand the customer-relations side of being an agronomist. Finally, having the opportunity to interface directly with customers during service calls allowed me to have complete exposure to the agriculture industry”. 

Josh was really excited about his internship this summer. Here is what he had to say, “I am excited to work with the independent sales reps. Learning ideas on how each rep/ sales agency uses its skill set, agronomic knowledge and innovation to sell a customer then provide service to them year round was a goal of mine this summer. Each farmer/ operation is unique therefore the seed/service provided must be as well”.