When in Rome...

October 20, 2017

Taylor Berkshire is a senior majoring ing Agronomy, Environmental Science and international Agriculture.

This summer, Taylor took part in the Dean’s Global Agriculture and Food Leadership Program with Iowa State University in Rome, Italy for the month of May. She was part of a team that was working with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to develop a project on food system transformations and the impacts they have on human health. To do this, they met with FAO colleagues, researched our topics in depth, wrote a paper that analyzed this data and provided recommendations, and then presented our findings. Taylor says, “I enjoyed meeting and discussing issues in the world and within our topic with professionals at FAO. They have a lot of insight and knowledge into various topics all over the world. Their willingness to share this with us was appreciated.”

Agronomy Club involvement: Taylor was Co-Historian in 2015, attends the clubs bi-weekly meetings, helped organize the 4-H Experience Agronomy Event, and has attended multiple Regional and National SASES Conferences.